Course of R and Statistics

The objective of this course was to introduce primary notions of statistics in order to understand the foundations of data analysis.

clickR package for data curation

clickR is a package for debugging databases and exporting results.

brms workshop for fitting bayesian models

This library supports from a Bayesian approach to almost any type of model, from all types of distribution families, to variance structures, non-parametric models …

Omics data analysis workshop

In the Omics Data Analysis workshop we present several analysis alternatives for those data sets that have a very high number of variables.

Bioinformatics statistical analysis book

The book of Statistical Analysis in Bioinformatics offers a broad perspective of the inconveniences that we can find in the application of the classic tests in the datasets of the omic technologies, and how we can approach this problem through the most advanced techniques.

Equator Network

It is the first coordinated initiative that addresses problems of inappropriate publication systematically and globally.